Clothing brands such as Ralph Lauren, Nike, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger have become highly coveted because of the hype around their branding but one company stands out as the undisputed ruler of branding, Supreme. Supreme is a clothing company based in New York City founded in 1993 and a master work of supply and demand. Every single supreme branded item is limited to 500 or less and is never restocked. Initially the simple and fashionable designs of Supreme helped popularize the brand but the limited releases being increasingly harder to obtain have created unstoppable height around the brand.

The desire for supreme is so strong that it has created an entirely separate digital resale market on E bay. Supreme products will resell online at a markup of over 600%, this helps the brand exponentially because it creates a desire in people to buy everything the brand releases as it releases, even if just to sell it. A shirt made by Supreme with only it’s logo will sell for $30 dollars retail and will typically resell for $400 used and upwards of $600 new.

The brilliance in Supreme’s advertising is it’s simplicity. As a company Supreme understands that their product is already highly desired so they retain their mystique by only advertising so often. However Supreme’s few ads are effective, in order to raise hype for their Jordan brand collaboration line they only needed to tweet one picture.

This one ad generated enough hype to not only sell out the entire collection but also create lines of up to 500 people at each of Supreme’s four stores worldwide.


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